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Helicopter Pilot Training Course

We provide you the training you need to make your helicopter dream a reality. We offer the complete FAA helicopter pilot training programs of Private Piot, Commercial Pilot, and Certified Flight Instructor. Our Certified Flight Instructors are highly qualified.

Training Aircrafts

Our training helicopters are the Robinson R22 and Robinson R44 manufactured by Robinson Helicopter. Due to relatively low operating costs, the R22 and the R44 have been popular as a primary rotorcraft trainer around the world.


Robinson R22

  • 2 seater

  • 145 break horse power derated

  • 1370 lb maximum gross weight

  • Fuel 100LL

  • 4 cylinders

  • Maximum speed 102 knots

Robinson R44

  • 4 seater

  • 260 break horse power

  • 2400 lb maximum gross weight

  • Fuel 100LL

  • 6 cylinders

  • Maximum speed 130 knots


Introductory Flight

Take an introductory helicopter lesson to see the potential you have for flying career. Take the introductory flight today and propel your new career to the next level.


・ $490 per person (approximately 75 minutes)

・ $360 per person (approximately 60 minutes)

・ $310 per person (approximately 45 minutes)

・ $250 per person (approximately 30 minutes)

・ $175 per person (approximately 15 minutes)

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