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Aerial Photo Flights

JJ Helicopters is well known for aerial photography. We are located 5 miles south of Los Angeles International airport. All of our pilots have the experience it takes to get the photographer to the right spot at the right time.


We can provide you with different types of helicopters to meet your specified needs. The available helicopters include Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters.


Robinson R44


  • 4 seater

  • 260 break horse power

  • 2400 lb maximum gross weight

  • Fuel 100LL

  • 6 cylinders

  • Maximum speed 130 knots

Robinson R22


  • 2 seater

  • 145 break horse power derated

  • 1370 lb maximum gross weight

  • Fuel 100LL

  • 4 cylinders

  • Maximum speed 102 knots

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